Servo Power And Control Harness
M23 Servo Signal Cable Assembly

For food production and packaging machinery

Used in the field of  civil engineering and machinery

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  • Applications
  • Product Structure
  • Product Features
  • Technical Parameters
  • Applications

    For food production and packaging machinery

    Used in the field of  civil engineering and machinery

    Used in fixed and flexing environment

    Drag chains application

    This cable is designed for servo motor ,servo encoder that fixed installation and drag chain

    Special outer sheath for industrial environments

  • Product Structure

    Cable spec: FI SERVO 620 CP

    Core stranding, Nonwovens wrapping

    Shield: Braiding of tinned copper wires,braid coverage 85% (nominal value)

    Sheath: Modified  TPU,Green RAL6018

  • Product Features

    10 million alternating bending cycles

    Flame retardant acc. to IEC 60332-1-2

    Oil resistance acc. to EN 50363-4-1

    Chemical resistance


  • Technical Parameters

    M23  Circular Connector
    Number of poles 12-pole 17-pole
    Pin assignment

    D-Sub Connector
    Number of poles 15-pole 25-pole
    Pin assignment

    Wire No and Conductor cross-section area Cable Length OD
    4×2×0.18 TBD 6.6
    8×2×0.18 TBD 8
    3×(2×0.14)+2×(0.5) TBD 9.2
    3×(2×0.14)+4×0.14+2×0.5 TBD 9.1
    3×(2×0.14)+4×0.14+2×0.5+4×0.22 TBD 9.7
    4×2×0.34+4×0.5 TBD 9.2
    12×0.22 TBD 7.1
    4×2×0.14+4×0.5 TBD 8.4
    10×0.14+2×0.5 TBD 7.9